About Ben

Hey! My name’s Ben and this is my site Bling Pop!

This site is dedicated to all things that are trending this year. If you’re looking for a fun and thoughtful gift for the young adult or any cool person in your life – this is the spot!

Ben, Bling Pop

I’m currently in grade 12 and ready to graduate high school and move on with life. I enjoy building websites in my spare time and basically anything from the 80s/90s even though I was born in 2003, that era calls my name. I guess I’m an old soul?

I like anything trivial like junk food, Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, old fast food commercials, action figures, anything Star Wars or ninja turtles, McDonalds toys, VHS tapes, you get the point. I have a pretty big collection of pins, posters, stickers, old ads, and a bunch of other trinkets from the 80s/90s. Sometimes I sell parts of my collection so I can make room for more stuff. It’s a pretty fun hobby.

What I really want to do with my life is become an artisan woodworker. My Dad has a pretty big shop with all the woodworking tools and has taught me how to make lots of things from cutting boards, furniture, crates and cabinets.

My hope with learning more about building websites and marketing is so I can get my own woodworking business off the ground and have my own shop one day. I think that would be pretty sweet.

Right now I just work at the local diner and am saving up to buy my own car. I like driving around with friends just listening to music and hanging out down by the river and having fires.

I’m excited to graduate soon and move out and get my own place too. A few friends and I plan to rent out a house and all live there together. I can’t wait because it’s gonna be a really fun time and we can have people over and do whatever we want. I want to turn the garage into my own little woodworking corner and start building my business from there. That’s the plan anyway. Rent is pretty expensive!

I hope you find the latest trendy gift on my site – there’s lots to choose from for any budget. T-shirts, coasters, socks, headphones, mugs, socks, board games, backpacks, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my site.