Best Types of Coins and Proofs Worth Collecting

You never know where you might find a valuable treasure. Maybe under the couch cushions or in that crack between the seats of your car that is always impossible to get to. Even walking down the street minding your own business. But they are certainly out there to be found. We are talking, of course, about coins.

Because of their unique stories, artful design, and sometimes their rarity, coins have become a fascinating thing to collect. Particularly here in the United States. And in recent years, the interest in collecting coins and commemorative Proofs has grown. It is not merely a passing fad. Collecting has captured the attention of coin lovers, history buffs, antique investors, and even sports and pop culture enthusiasts. That’s because with such a diverse range of coin categories available to the public, just about anyone is susceptible to the allure of collecting.

So then, what are the Best Types of Coins and Proofs Worth Collecting? Of course, when you are talking about something as relative as taste and interest, this will always be a matter of opinion. But we wanted to put together some popular types for your consideration, in order to show the great diversity that coin collecting offers.

Gold Coins

Because of its beauty, value, and history, gold will never lose its appeal. There’s a reason why the Gold Rush drew hundreds of thousands to California in the 1800s. Its unparalleled luster will never fade. And the gleam of gold coins and Proofs will always be desirable to collectors.

Silver Coins

Many of the United States most iconic coin designs were minted with 99.9% pure silver. The way these numismatic treasures shimmer when the light hits them, to perfectly highlight their renowned designs, has made silver coins some of the most sought-after prizes in the entire world.


How easy is it to find a penny when you need one? Some might say this ubiquitous coin practically grows on trees. However, there are many rarities to be discovered in the world of U.S. pennies. And because they are so prevalent, your treasure hunt could end up being quite rewarding.


They’re not just for arcades and laundromats anymore. Quarters are special and highly collectible. These coins were chosen to be the canvas for the U.S. Mint’s 50 State Program, showcasing the glory of our country over a 10-year initiative. Next time you realize you have quarters in your pocket, take a look. What you see might surprise you.

U.S. History Coins

Our iconic U.S. coins share more about our history on their obverse and reverse sides than our history books can even hold. That’s because each one has its own story, honoring remarkable leaders, landmark events, and important dates in the birth and development of our young nation.

World History Coins

From international coinage to Proof-quality tributes to revered figures from antiquity, world history coins give you access to incredible stories from around the globe. They let you explore the most fascinating aspects of the world, along with its incredible countries and resources, and you don’t even need a passport.

19th Century Coins

The period from 1800-1900 birthed some important events in our evolution. Along with those milestones, we were granted some of the most revered coinage ever minted. While some collectors focus solely on 19th century coins, there is no denying that the era produced some treasures that would elevate any collection.

20th Century Coins

The 20th century brought with it amazing scientific studies, technological advances, and world-altering wars. These pivotal events were also reflected in the coinage of the times. Now, the iconic coins from the 1900s provide perfect time capsules of these historic times and are responsible for attracting many new and young coin collectors.


If you’re a sports fan like millions of Americans, there’s a spot for you in the world of collecting. Besides the wealth of memorabilia available for baseball, football, hockey and college sports devotees, you can also find collectible Proofs that showcases professional sports teams and its star players on gleaming tributes.


The dedicated branches of our U.S. military are worthy of recognition every day. For those who have served and for the military loyal, there are historic collectible Proofs. These gleaming tributes mark the most tremendous battles, while honoring the brave leaders and selfless men and women who led the charges.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic new collector or a long-time member of the coin collecting community, we hope you found our list entertaining, educational and inspirational. Collectors are as varied as the coins they collect, but there is one thing that is common with all of them: you are always just one moment away from discovering an incredible treasure.

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