How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Wedding Ring

Youre getting ready to tie the knot? Congratulations! We certainly want to wish you the best for the next big step in your relationship. You will no doubt be running around in the coming months preparing for pre-wedding activities and the big day itself. There are lots and lots of things to decide. We would like to offer our help.

Obviously, we can’t help with everything, but we can help you check a major thing off your list: the wedding ring. More specifically, How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Wedding Ring. After all, selecting the metal base for your band is really the first necessary step in the process.

There are several reliable wedding band metals to pick from. But remember, this is a piece of jewelry that will be with you forever. An important symbol of your bond. So, here are a few things to think about:

It should be durable.

It should fit your budget.

It should match your personal style.

Basically, it should be a perfect fit for you, just like your future life partner.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, shopping for your spouse-to-be, or purchasing your bands together, we hope this article will help guide you. Here are a few key facts about some of the most popular wedding band metals for both women and men.


Platinum is probably the most premium of metals for wedding bands. Its shimmering white appearance has a contemporary look and provides a nice contrast when diamonds or other sparkling gems are showcased on the band.

Platinum is the metal to consider if you want to spare no costs. It is a very precious metal, so it has a higher value associated, but its elegant gleam lasts long and will not fade over time. Platinum is also naturally hypoallergenic.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver boasts a similar sheen as platinum but comes with a much more reasonable price tag. Because of its affordability, there are many sterling silver wedding rings, for both women and men, giving you plenty of options when it comes to style.

If budget is a concern, silver is a great cost-cutting way to go. If you keep your silver wedding bands cleaned and polished on a regular basis, they can last a lifetime, even though it is considered one of the softer metals.


Gold has a very distinctive shimmer. It’s almost as if this eye-catching metal was created specifically for wedding bands. So, historically speaking, it is probably the “standard” choice. It has certainly outlasted jewelry trends past or present. But if you choose a gold band, there are a few other questions to answer.

24K gold is essentially pure gold, meaning that 24 out of 24 parts are gold. But this is often too soft of a metal to use for wedding bands. It is way more practical to use 22K, 18K or 14K gold. In the realm of gold bands, there are 3 main options: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Yellow Gold – for a more traditional look

White Gold – for a more contemporary look

Rose Gold – for an antique look


Tungsten rings have become popular only in the last few decades. Because it is a darker metal, tungsten boasts an ultra-contemporary look. It’s sleek, handsome and a great choice, especially for men’s wedding rings.

Besides having an attractive finish, tungsten is extremely durable and is not prone to tarnishing like other metals are.

Thanks for taking a moment to read our blog on choosing wedding ring metals. We hope you’ve found it beneficial, especially as you begin to plan for one of the most significant days of your life. Every little bit helps! Best of luck to you and your new bride or groom, and may your “ever after” be a happy one.

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Best Music Boxes for Special Women: The 2021 Guide

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The 8 Best MARVEL COMICS Character Sculptures for Fans

MARVEL COMICS have inspired generations of fans with its iconic superheroes, memorable storylines and ever-expanding universe. If you are a fan yourself, or if you know one, you understand the level of collective passion shared for this incredible legacy of creative artistry. That said, there are certainly a lot of MARVEL faithful out there. Those who have devoured every action-packed volume, following these incredible characters, from their origin stories, through countless climatic adventures, to the pinnacle of legendary status and immortalization.

So how do you bring these superheroes off the printed page and into your home? How do you come face-to-face with SPIDER-MAN, IRON MAN, and BLACK PANTHER – up close and personal? Sure, COVID-19 restrictions are lifting and there are finally opportunities to meet facsimiles of these iconic MARVEL characters at comic cons and similar events around the world. But what if you could own a dramatic, artistic and permanent recreation of your absolute favorite superhero, captured in incredible museum-quality detail. Let us direct your attention to the ultimate list: The 8 Best MARVEL COMICS Character Sculptures for Fans. Your journey starts right here.

For the MARVEL COMICS Completist

MARVEL COMICS Sculpture Collection

If you can’t decide which superhero is your favorite, why not have them all? This collection immortalizes the legacy of the MARVEL COMICS UNIVERSE with cold-cast bronze sculptures of HULK, CAPTAIN AMERICA, SPIDER-MAN, and others. Their mighty likenesses are perfectly frozen in action, so you can behold them with awe, and hand-painted with an antiqued color wash to show off their strength, power, and abilities.


Are you ready to join CAPTAIN AMERICA in a ride for freedom and justice? Nothing will stand in his way with this masterfully sculpted rendition, poised on his vintage star-spangled motorcycle. Impressively sized at over one foot long, this tribute highlights every intricate detail of CAP’s classic costume, signature shield and iconic bike. And there’s a super surprise to be discovered too – his headlight and taillight really light up!


Two legendary foes. One incredible battle. The face-off between SPIDER-MAN and the GREEN GOBLIN atop the Brooklyn Bridge Tower is undeniably iconic. Recreate the thrill of that moment with this authentically detailed handcrafted sculpture. The arch enemies are painted by hand to highlight their costumes and signature weapons. And with the flip of a switch, the exploding bridge illuminates for a theatrical effect.


If you ever want to escape to the exhilarating world of Wakanda, this is your ticket. Zoom into the action care of the kingdom’s noble superhero and leader: T’Challa, better known as BLACK PANTHER. The beloved king is outfitted in his classic MARVEL COMICS suit and crouches deftly on a jungle-inspired rock base in this authentic handcrafted sculpture. The edition is limited to only 5,000, so you have to pounce quickly.


Witness one of the most thrilling transformations in the world of MARVEL COMICS: when Dr. Bruce Banner, filled with unleashed rage, becomes THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Taking inspiration from actual MARVEL artwork, this towering handcrafted tribute recreates the painful, physical change from man to mammoth, dramatically highlighting the mutation with LED lights and a gamma-ray-like green glow of radioactive gas.

For The Punisher Fans

The Punisher has developed a fan following as fierce as the war veteran himself. His gruff demeanor, charismatic power, and take-no prisoner battle style is certainly on full display with this expertly handcrafted sculpture. The legendary rogue sits dramatically on his vintage motorcycle, hoisting his gun in the air, ready for his next mission. At over one foot wide, there are plenty of details to admire, from bullet marks to battle scars.

For Iron Man Fans

It’s the nefarious Thanos battling the high-flying superhero Iron Man and you get a front-row seat to the epic clash of good vs. evil. This handcrafted, fully dimensional sculpture brings the legendary conflict to life before your very eyes with its retro comic book design and fiery LED illumination. Plus, detailed hand-painting elevates the intensity of this heavyweight confrontation to create quite a scene in your home.

For Captain Marvel Fans

One of the most commanding members of the mighty Avengers is ready to deliver cosmic justice and you’ll be there for all the action. Captured in an incredible power stance with her supercharged hand ablaze, this 3-dimensional Captain Marvel sculpture is a must for fans. Both her clenched fist and base glow with brilliant LED lighting and a dramatic standing Avengers logo is a constant reminder of her formidable teammates.

Well, that was quite a sensational journey, wasn’t it? The legends of MARVEL COMICS will always inspire us with their other-worldly dominance and noble fight for justice, which is exactly what makes these officially licensed character sculptures so compelling. Got your eye on one? The power is yours – shop away!

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