How to Choose the Perfect Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift: 4 Essential Tips

May 9 will be here before you know it. What’s the significance, you ask? For one, it’s an opportunity to recognize and honor all of the incredible super women out there. We’re talking about Mother’s Day 2021, of course. And we have some awesome tips to guide your shopping if you are on the hunt for a meaningful gift for Mom. Today’s topic will be How to Choose the Perfect Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift.

Why jewelry for Mother’s Day? Well, there are quite a few reasons, actually. Here are just a few.

Keepsake Quality

-Jewelry gifts make beautiful wearable heirlooms that will last for many years to come.


-Jewelry designs are often symbolic, so they can express exactly how you feel.


-Jewelry allows people to show off their individual style. People like mothers.

Given so many special qualities and attributes, Mother’s Day jewelry certainly makes a lot of sense. Plus, people have been giving their mothers these sparkling treasures for quite a long time, so there’s a history of gift-giving to confirm that fine jewelry makes an ideal Mother’s Day gift.

So, once you’ve made the decision to find Mom the perfect ring or bracelet, necklace, earrings or watch, what do you do next? That’s where we can help.

Below you will find some great tips to assist in your selection of a jewelry gift for Mom. We hope they will point you to a dazzling Mother’s Day gift that will not only show off the sparkle in her eyes but will also reflect the love in her heart. And the love in yours!

  1. Consider Mom’s Personal Style

    Everyone has their own sense of fashion. The styles they wear. The patterns. The colors. Think about your mother’s ensemble when you’re shopping. Does she prefer the gleam of silver or gold? White diamonds or colorful gems? Does she wear rings? Or would a necklace suite her sense of style more? Perhaps she needs a new timepiece. These are all great considerations that will help you find the jewelry gift that would be a perfect fit for Mother’s Day. It’s easy to give her something she might like but asking a few simple questions can lead you to something she will love and cherish. Because it’s what she would pick for herself.

  2. Do a Little Investigative Work

    Sometimes it’s okay to get a little sneaky. Have a look at what your mom posts on social media. What kinds of jewelry does she pin on her Pinterest page? Who does she follow on Instagram? What has she liked on Facebook? This kind of detective work can go a long way in helping you figure out the ring or necklace she might already be in the market for. If Mom doesn’t spend much time on social media, you can always seek advice from her friends, other family members or close social groups as well. They might be able to provide insights you haven’t already gleaned. Just imagine how surprised she would be if you gave her the exact piece of fine jewelry she had been thinking about for months. This just might be in the realm of possibility.

  3. Figure Out What You Want to Say

    The best jewelry gifts are always the ones that come from the heart. In fact, The Bradford Exchange offers a wealth of handcrafted Mother’s Day gifts to help express the love and gratitude you would like to show your mother. What is it that makes your bond so special? What is that one significant thing that makes your relationship so strong? Many jewelry gifts showcase meaningful engravings and symbolic designs that say so much already. Plus, some can be personalized just for your mother with a custom engraved message, for example. Or perhaps you would like to celebrate her commitment to motherhood. In that case, you could personalize a family ring, bracelet or necklace featuring each of her loved ones all in one beautiful design, crafted with their engraved names and birthstones. Wouldn’t she be so proud to wear a sparkling symbol of her cherished family every day!

  4. Deliver the Goods

    How will you be presenting your jewelry gift to Mom this May 9? With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, it may be problematic to visit the local mall. Shopping online is easy, safe, and a great alternative, especially during these times. Plus, many of us might not be able to visit our mothers in person this year, so it makes a lot of sense to have her special gift delivered. Make sure you start shopping for Mother’s Day early. Take into account shipping times and potential delays by national carriers to ensure her gift arrives on time. You might even want to consider a Mother’s Day chat with a live video so you can watch her open her dazzling jewelry gift in real-time.

So, there you have it. A few handy tips to help guide your jewelry gift selection. Hopefully they prompted some meaningful musing in regard to your mom and all of the jewelry treasures just waiting for her to discover. Remember, a few moments in thoughtful consideration now can make all the difference in creating a Mother’s Day she will never forget. Happy shopping! And happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

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