How Much Money Should You Give to Your Daughter as a Wedding Gift?

The etiquette of giving wedding gifts has definitely evolved over time. Dowries, a sum of money usually paid to the bride’s family for the privilege of marriage, go back five or six thousand years. But were doweries truly wedding gifts? Chances are the bride (or groom) never saw any of that money.

In contemporary society, wedding registries are used as a regular practice when a couple prepares to marry. This allows family and friends to easily find and give specific gifts that were selected by the couple. However, even with a registry, it is not uncommon for there to be quite a few “green” gifts given to those being wed. After all, no one will likely be returning a gift of cash any time soon.

But let’s discuss how to navigate wedding gifts when it comes to your own family. Especially when it comes to your precious daughter. Is she about to tie the knot soon? Perhaps you too would like to bless her with a thoughtful gift of cash money or a personal check, but how does one know the right amount to give?

Below you will find a few things to consider when making the decision about monetary wedding gifts for your daughter. We have also provided a couple of tips to help make that presentation of $$$ one she will remember long after the money is spent.

Consider Your Own Financial Capability

Of course, it would be amazing to give your daughter thousands and thousands of dollars as a wedding gift, but not at the risk of making your own financial situation dire. Depending on their relationship with the bride, wedding guests typically give between $50 – $150 when making a monetary gift. As parents of the bride, it’s standard to give significantly more. However, you should first consider what is financially comfortable for your budget.

Consider Your Relationship with Your Daughter

You might want to adjust your wedding gift amount based on the depth and quality of your relationship. It may seem a little strange to think that way, but it is merely a practicality. Most parents want to forever remain close to their daughters. But not every parent/child relationship is the same. Therefore, it makes sense that the closer you are with your daughter, the more apt your relationship will foster generosity.

Consider Your Other Wedding Contributions

In American wedding etiquette, the father of the bride is customarily responsible for the financial portion of the wedding, including the reception. While this marital tradition has been eschewed by some, many parents still contribute to their daughter’s wedding in significant ways. If you have taken on some of those financial responsibilities, they should also be considered when determining an appropriate amount for her wedding gift.

One final note: your money will always make a lasting impression when it is accompanied by a present in honor of her and her special day. The Bradford Exchange offers a wealth of wedding gifts, including fine jewelry you can personalize just for the occasion and heirloom-quality keepsakes that celebrate her day of love and commitment. Cash hidden in a greeting card is great, but when you include a beautiful wedding gift with meaning and thought behind it, she will think of you and her special day every time she sees it.

Thanks for reading! We wish you the best of luck with your daughter’s upcoming nuptials and a happily ever after for her and her soon-to-be spouse. Hopefully, this article helped answer a few of your questions about giving a monetary wedding gift. Remember though, no matter the amount you decide to give as her wedding gift, your daughter will likely be grateful and appreciative of your kindness.

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Top 5 Gifts to Give Your Daughter on Her Wedding Day

Your daughter… You felt so full of joy the day she graced the world with her presence. Then, in almost no time at all, you watched her take her first steps, say her first words and come home bursting with excitement after her first day of school. Over the years, she grew in leaps and bounds, maturing into a beautiful young woman. And now she is poised to enter a new stage in life. One that will carry her down the aisle of matrimony and wedded bliss.

As a parent of the bride-to-be, you may have many responsibilities to tend to before that big day finally arrives. In all the hustle and bustle surrounding weddings and wedding-related events, it’s pretty easy to forget a few things. Luckily, that’s where we can lend a hand. We are here to remind you about one of the most memorable and meaningful things: a wedding gift for your precious daughter. A way to cherish her on her next big adventure. A way to say, “thank you for being you.” A keepsake of love, wisdom, and encouragement that celebrates her on her wedding day.

The gift experts at The Bradford Exchange have put together a list of some of our favorite wedding gifts for daughters. Some of them are beautiful expressions of your love and admiration she can always keep close wherever life takes her. Some are thoughtful keepsakes that will grace her home with beauty and art and as a reminder of your love every day. All of them are wedding gifts she is sure to adore because they were given to her by her biggest cheerleader in this story called life. Take a peek below to find out a little bit more about our top 5 hand-picked gifts.

Precious Daughter Cultured Pearl and Diamond Earrings

What captures the grace of a wedding ceremony more than the elegance of pearl earrings? And this perfect pair was created specially to honor daughters. Each solid sterling silver pierced earring in this set shimmers with a genuine cultured freshwater pearl and a genuine diamond. Wouldn’t they pair wonderfully with her dress? The earrings even arrive with a custom gift box and a meaningful poem card, sharing loving words of wisdom with your beloved daughter.

Love Never Ends Personalized Cross

Make a thoughtful gesture of love in honor of your daughter’s new union, beautifully expressed with this keepsake porcelain cross. The names of both your daughter and her new wedded partner are elegantly inscribed near the base of the cross, gracing either side of 2 heart-shaped genuine Swarovski® crystals. As a reminder of their faith, the inspiring words from Corinthians 13: 4-8 are scripted above in shining 22K gold. It’s sure to prompt a moment of reflection each time they see your personalized gift.

Soul Mates Personalized Sculpture

Now that your daughter has found the love of her life, why not give her an enchanting way to celebrate her fairy tale romance. This adorable keepsake sculpture captures a tender moment between two wolf cubs with incredible detail and delicate beauty. Poised on a flowering branch and cozying up with kisses, the scene is lovingly accentuated with the name of your daughter and her soul mate, “carved” inside a heart. And if your daughter is a nature lover, she will adore this personalized gift even more.

Love Makes a House a Home Personalized Collector Plate

Have you considered giving your daughter a work of art to display in her new abode? We have just the thing. Thomas Kinkade was known the world over as the Painter of Light™ for his idyllic visions of the simpler life, infused with inspiration from the heavens. This collector’s plate showcases one of his most beloved painting within a mahogany-finished wooden frame. Best of all, there’s a heart-shaped welcome sign in the scene that is personalized with the names of your daughter and her spouse. What a heartwarming way to welcome your daughter into the next big stage of her life.

Established in Love Personalized Pendant Necklace

With her marriage on the horizon, your daughter is poised to begin a family of her own. This necklace is a gorgeous expression of that important event. A faceted crystal heart is the eye-catching centerpiece of the pendant, elegantly etched with your daughter’s new family name and the year it was established (i.e., the year she tied the knot). Plus, the heart is surrounded with over 2 dozen glittering crystals. Not only is this personalized necklace an heirloom-quality keepsake, but it is one she can always keep close to her heart. Includes a velvet jewelry pouch and custom gift box.

When you were browsing our recommendations, did you hear wedding bells? That is definitely a good sign. We wish you all the best for your daughter’s coming nuptials and we hope that our wedding picks provided lots of inspiration.

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6 Best Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Get For Under $100

Mother’s Day is a special day for a number of reasons. It’s a time to share the love you have for your mother, and to show your appreciation for all she’s done for you throughout the years. It’s also time to celebrate all the mothers in your life, whether it’s your grandma, your sister, your daughter or granddaughter.

Looking to give something simply unforgettable this year? A meaningful gift from your heart to Mom’s? You can find a great selection of Mother’s Day gifts from The Bradford Exchange for every mother you know – and even something for yourself.

One lesson that many mothers instill in their children is to spend their money wisely. But did you know that you can be budget conscious and still find Mother’s Day gifts that will wow her? Amazing and thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank? Mom would be so proud!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our Top 6 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100. Scroll down to find something unique and special for your mom.

The Gift of Family Personalized Ring

The Gift Of Family Personalized Ring

One of life’s greatest blessings is family. So, why not give your mother a way to celebrate the joy that each special family member brings to her life. Your crystal birthstone and the birthstones of up to 4 of your siblings can be personalized on this solid sterling silver ring. The elegant filigree design showcases delicate open hearts to highlight each glittering stone, and there’s a touching message engraved inside the band to remind Mom of her blessings. Arrives with a custom gift box for Mother’s Day gift-giving – only $89.99!

Our Family Tree Pendant Necklace

Our Family Tree Pendant Necklace

Family is like the branches of a tree. We all grow in different directions, but our roots keep us together. This unique family tree necklace shows Mom how important family is to you while honoring her role as the nurturing matriarch. To symbolize your family, the sterling silver- and 18K gold-plated pendant features a distinctive tree design that “blooms” with over 65 genuine Swarovski® crystals. Plus, the pendant swings open to reveal a meaningful engraved sentiment behind the tree. Includes a thoughtful poem card and gift box for an impressive Mother’s Day presentation – only $89.99!

A Heart Full of Love Birthstone Music Box

A Heart Full Of Love Birthstone Music Box

The precious jewels of a mother’s heart are her children. Now she can show off the beauty and importance of each one with this unique musical treasure featuring do-it-yourself personalization. Supported with a fine porcelain base, this gorgeous music box boasts an open-heart design featuring the word “Mother” and lavished with 22K gold plating. Best of all, it arrives with 12 simulated birthstones (1 for every month), so Mom can decorate the heart to represent her beloved children. This heirloom keepsake plays the melody of “Always in My Heart” to remind Mom of her family – only $69.99!

A Mother’s Love Personalized Candleholder

A Mother's Love Personalized Candleholder

Every time she lights this beautiful scented candle, she will be reminded of why she loves her children so much. That’s because each special child is symbolized by their heart-shaped glass birthstone, showcased on the front of the Heirloom Porcelain® candleholder. The elegant design of this high-quality keepsake incorporates the sweet sentiment “A Mother holds her Children’s Hearts Forever” to emphasis the point and it arrives in a deluxe gift box with a golden ribbon. Brighten up her Mother’s Day with a glowing statement of your devotion – only $59.99!

A Mother’s Love Personalized Poem Frame

If you are struggling with just the right words to share with her on Mother’s Day, this makes an ideal gift. A mahogany-finished wooden-framed poem celebrates a mother’s love for her children, surrounded with a silvery border and 28 sparkling simulated jewels. But what makes it so special is the punctuation of up to 6 names of her beloved children, incorporated into hearts at the bottom of the poem. She’ll think of you every time she sees it hanging in her home – only $59.99!

A Mother Hold’s Her Child’s Heart Personalized Ornament

The greatest gift a mother will ever receive is the love of family, beautifully expressed with this personalized ornament. Just imagine the joyful memories that will come to mind when Mom takes this hand-blown glass ornament from its custom-designed box and sees the golden heart charm inscribed with the names of the people she loves the most. It even lights up to highlight a meaningful ode to motherhood. A thoughtful heirloom-quality keepsake sure to brighten her holiday season – only $39.99!

We love sharing our suggestions with you, so we hope you found this list helpful. Which Mother’s Day gift caught your eye? Do you give the same type of gift every year or switch it up? What life lessons has your mother instilled in you? We’d love to connect with you in the comments.

Remember, Mother’s Day 2021 is on May 9. Now is the perfect time to find the best selection of Mother’s Day gifts, so don’t wait to start your shopping.

Check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide to find unique gift ideas for mom!

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