Rings for Every Stage in a Relationship: Explained

Just like a fairytale, the story of love has a beginning, a middle, and a happily ever after. Whatever chapter you are currently experiencing in your love story, there is a ring that can beautifully express it.

Rings are so ubiquitous these days that there can sometimes be confusion about what they actually mean. Well, some rings are not meant to mean anything, per se. They simply exist to look amazing. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. For other kinds of rings, what’s important to remember is that the true meaning is the one ascribed to it by its wearer. That’s right. Your ring means exactly what YOU want it to mean.

When it comes to romantic rings, however, there are bands for sale in the marketplace that are intentionally created to represent and symbolize specific things. Relationship-themed rings where the actual designs provide a clue to their meaning. You might even be wearing one of those rings right now.

For today’s post, we want to briefly discuss 4 of these rings and how they fit into the “pages” of a couple’s love story. For your reading pleasure, please enjoy Rings for Every Stage in a Relationship: Explained.

Promise Rings

You know that moment when you open to the first page of a fairytale and it begins with the words “Once upon a time”? That is where the promise ring comes in.

This is the beautiful beginnings of true love. The moment when something special happens between two individuals that can only be described as magical.

You’re meant for each other.

You were destined for each other.

You are soulmates.

And now that the universe has brought you together, you want to wear a symbol of your commitment to remain together. That symbol is a promise ring.

Engagement Rings

You know that moment in a fairytale when the 2 heroes have been through a few adventures together. Perhaps tackled a few battles and won. Now they are on a major precipice, perhaps about to make a big decision. They take each other’s hands and then……That is where the engagement ring comes in.

This is when you have made the decision to take the next logical step in your relationship. Marriage is definitely on the horizon for the both of you, and you want everyone to know that is exactly where you are headed. So much so that you are already planning your honeymoon. To honor this stage of your relationship, you want to wear a symbol that reflects how your bond has progressed. To reflect on how important your partner has become. To show you are now ready for the big day. That symbol is an engagement ring.

Wedding Rings

There’s a reason why people call them “fairytale weddings” or refer to their relationship as a “fairytale romance.” Think back to the many animated movies you’ve seen or books you’ve read. The wedding is actually one of the most moving and significant events that occur in those stories. This is where the wedding ring comes in.

Now you are ready to say “I do” to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s an experience you will share with all the people you love most. During the ceremony, there is a moment when you exchange bands, corresponding with your vows and affirming that you are ready to officially, lawfully, and enthusiastically pledge your forever union to “the one” you were lucky enough to find. You need the perfect symbol of that pledge. That symbol is a wedding ring.

Eternity Rings

This is the “happily ever after” portion of the fairytale. You’re living it. You might have celebrated years of marriage and many anniversaries now. Children could be a joyous part of your life every day. Even grandchildren at this point. What really matters is that you are still together. The one you passionately fell for so long ago, and the one with whom you made a vow to love forever. This is where the eternity ring comes in.

There are many reasons why people wear or give an eternity ring, sometimes referred to as an infinity ring, as many of the jewelry designs showcase the infinity symbol.

It could be worn to celebrate the birth of a child.

It could be worn to honor a wedding date or other special anniversary.

It could be worn to represent a renewing of vows.

Now that a loving couple are a little further along in their fairytale, there are many chances to remember the beautiful events of their shared story. You just might want to wear a symbol of one of those special moments. That symbol is an eternity ring.

Hopefully, we were able to clear up any questions you might have had about relationship rings and what they all mean. Thank you so much for reading! And if you happen to be turning the page on the next big chapter in your fairytale, we wish you all the best shopping our wide selection of romantic rings.

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