Take a look at these bargains from Pottle

Huzzah! we glad to present to you some really neat items. There are several items in Pottle worth featuring today, so let ‘s get to the goodies ASAP!

The next product we have is
Pottle Nail File

Pottle’s double grit nail files get the job done. Expert Nail Filing Tools…these manicure files work quickly to trim or contour the acrylic or natural nail to your desired shape or length. They’re also perfect to remove nail gel in your extensive or fake nails.

  • 100/80 Grit
  • Long enduring
  • Great for acrylics or difficult gel

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Our 2nd item on our list today is File Kit REFILL.

Stay smooth file kit is essential for buffing off the ridges on your fingernails for doing that smooth area and help your nail polish adhere better. Buffing stimulates blood flow to the nail bed which in turn helps the fingernails to develop faster and subscribe to the fitness of the fingernails generally speaking. Plus, it gets rid of dry and dead cells regarding the nail surface.

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The third item on our list for today is *NEW* Nail Art Knife 🤩

Whether you’re slicing away undesirable acrylic whenever color blocking or applying ultra slim nail art stickers. Nail art knifes really are a must have tool for the job.

Highlights :- Blade using SK-5 high grade blade, sharp, and keen- Non-slip grip, comfortable to hand

Color : Silver, ruby, violet, emerald, aquamarine, gold

Type : Hand Tools

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After that we have Gift Card!

Shopping for another person but not sure things to give them? Give them the present of choice by having a pottle present card. Gift cards are delivered by e-mail and include directions to redeem them at checkout.

  • Our present cards don’t have any additional processing fees.


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The fifth product on our list for today is Applicators (Watch 🎥).

Sick and tired of throwing away your DIY skincare formulas? Save it for later with Pottle’s new interchangeable applicators. Reuse Pottle to lessen synthetic waste of one use containers and disposable makeup wands. We call it the Tupperware of beauty. 

Mix and conserve:

  • Lip Gloss
  • Nail Gel
  • Fluid Latex
  • Lash Serum
  • Brow Gel
  • Under Eye Cream (apply w/ cold Crystal Wand)

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